Valsoft Corporation, a Growing Software Company

MONTREAL, QUEBEC–(Marketwired – Mar 28, 2016) – In a tech landscape where companies appear and disappear as quickly as ripples on a pond, and where venture capital flows in and out of start-ups with big potential and zero profits, a duo of visionary Montreal entrepreneurs is building one of the fastest growing software companies in Canada on a seemingly anachronistic principle: a 40-year business plan.

Steph Manos and Sam Youssef, both graduates in Computer Engineering from Concordia University, have been inseparable business partners since 2004, when they launched their first tech enterprise while in their mid-20s. Today, after a decade of starting and expanding multi-million dollar companies, they are the leaders of Valsoft, a Montreal-based provider of innovative software and technology services. Valsoft is a growing Canadian company, with an influential global reach.

Valnet, a sister company of Valsoft, has fueled its expansion with equal doses of web development and remarkable strategic acquisitions. Its portfolio includes some of the web’s biggest content platforms, such as,, and, entertainment and lifestyle websites that attract over 45 million visitors per month.

“When we acquire companies, we do not take over the day-to-day management. Instead, we chose to work with their founders, managers, and employees,” explained Manos. “We help establish complimentary benchmarks against other businesses within the Valsoft group, and we offer coaching and training, as well as capital allocations to improve earnings and generate growth. In some cases, we provide a permanent home to businesses whose owners wish to make an exit.”

Manos and Youssef attribute their success to their “40-year business plan,” a framework that guides their most important decisions with immunity to tech fads. “Our 40-year plan allows us to be grounded when looking at an acquisition,” stated Youssef. “Instead of getting caught up in the moment and overvaluing a company that has the latest technology or above-average growth in a ‘growth’ sector, we force ourselves to visualize where this company will be in 2020, 2025.”

Companies that join the Valsoft group have immediate access to resources, analytics, guidance, and capital. “We understand that being the leader of any business is a challenge, albeit a rewarding one,” added Manos. “This is why the Valsoft culture is designed to help CEOs take their work to the next level, while leaving them ample room to enjoy the fruits of their labour.”

“We want these legacies of innovation to last for the next 40 years,” concluded Youssef. “We sincerely believe in enabling leaders who join Valsoft to increase their opportunities and enjoy a more rewarding quality of life.”

Manos is currently responsible for mergers and acquisition, technology, and strategy and research at Valsoft. He is an early investor in Valnet, a company that manages some of the world’s biggest entertainment content-rich web properties. Youssef is the founder and current CEO of Valsoft and co-founder of Valnet. He is also an avid value investor, advisor and board member in various early-stage businesses.

Published: March 28, 2016