Being Aquired

Finding, acquiring and growing great companies.

The businesses we acquire are a lifetime of work. The businesses usually share the following traits:

  • Management is outstanding
  • Company is profitable
  • Company has above average growth

Whether they are selling for reasons of health, estate planning or a burgeoning interest elsewhere, vendors share one other trait: The desire to have their businesses continue to operate in accordance with the history and values that made them Exceptional in the first place.

We offer companies a succession plan. We believe our approach is different and bring value to the organization for the following reasons:

  • The Financial backing of large company
  • Our sales and marketing expertise
  • Our managers are available to you, they act as coaches to help better processes
  • Our technology expertise and managing websites that have 100’s of millions of monthly visits
  • Our Initial Process is very easy and simple and we understand time is valuable and important for all parties.

Once a company has been acquired, they become a part of the Valsoft family, which we believe offers the best of all worlds. We provide the financial backing and expertise of a large company. We run a decentralized model keeping well established brands intact. Most importantly, this allows our most valuable asset, our employees, to learn, grow and flourish.

Being part of Valsoft provides a company and it’s employees opportunities to learn from, and share expertise with, several other leading software companies and almost one hundred extremely talented Vertical Market Software experts from around the world.